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Plasma cutting technology

Cnc plasma cutting machines

Cnc plasma cutting machines

Thermal cutting machines are designed to cut the metal sheets at the industrial facilities.

Plasma cutting is local melting of a material and its removal from a zone of cutting by the plasma stream. The metal is melted by an electric arc, which burns between the electrodes. Gas under pressure passes through the arc, resulting in the separation of molecules and the ionization of atoms, which leads to the formation of a plasma. Then the plasma passes through the nozzle and jumps of its hole at a speed of 500-1500 m / s and with a temperature of 10000-25000 ° C. To ensure that the nozzle does not melt, it should continuously be cooled.

Thermal cutting machines are connected to a compressor that creates compressed air. At many facilities there are compressed air supply lines, to which pneumatic equipment can be connected.

The competitive advantages of the thermal cutting:

− speed;

− high quality of cut;

− possibility to cut thick plates;

− possibility to have shaped cut;

− local heating of metal;

− minimal consumption of consumables.

Please note that the equipment should be used at the environmental temperature from +10°С to +35°С (humidity should not be over 80% when it’s +25ºС). The equipment should be installed inside the industrial heated premises to avoid exposure to rain, snow, fog and etc).

How to choose the plasma cutting equipment?

How to choose the plasma cutting equipment?

The price is one of the main factors influencing the customer’s choice. The price varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.

We are the manufacturer of the plasma cutting equipment, so we can guarantee the high quality and long life of our equipment.

If you are planning to have large volume of cut products, we would recommend you the large format powerful CNC machines. They will allow to produce a big volume of products meeting the determined requirements.

If you don’t need such a powerful machine, we will assist you in choosing the handheld equipment that will be significantly cheaper and smaller while having high cut accuracy.



The advantages of plasma cutting equipment are accuracy, high quality of cutting, low price, safety and speed. Also, another advantage of this technology that it does not require to use additionally the gas cylinders and expensive consumables.

However, the consumables of the plasma cutting equipment have their service life. If the service life is exhausted, then it can lead to decrease the cut quality and increase the power consumption. The premature replacement of consumables is also not a solution, since in this case the operational cost will significantly increase.

How can you purchase the consumables?

How can you purchase the consumables?

As we are the manufacturer of the plasma cutting equipment, we are the partner of all the well-known world suppliers of the consumables offering the best quality-price ratio. If you need a large volume, we can provide them on a regular base.

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