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Gantry plasma cutting machine

The gantry plasma cutting machine is one of the best equipment set excluding the weaknesses of handheld and console equipment such as low accuracy and vibrations. However, the gantry cutting machine is considered as high-performing equipment for industrial use.

CNC gantry plasma cutting machine is convenient to use, as it’s highly automated. The user has to set up the system and the cutting process occur automatically.

CNC gantry plasma cutting machine a rigid framework and the moving parts are fixed by the guides, thus, the vibrations and deviations of the sizes are excluded.

The experts note that maximum cut precision is attained when the nozzle speed and current parameters are optimally adjusted. These parameters are normally set up by testing, decreasing or raising the value to the required level. If the speed or current is too high, scale will be formed on the cutting surface.

CNC gantry plasma cutting machine uses various range of gases depending on type of the treated metal. For instance, nitrogen is used for cutting the 20 mm of thick aluminum part. For the part of 20-100mm a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen will be the best solution and for the thicker parts - mixture of argon and hydrogen.

The copper parts depending on their thickness are cut by the following gases:

  • up to 15mm – nitrogen;
  • up to 100mm – compressed air;
  • over 100mm - argon-hydrogen mixtures.

Depending on the class of the metal sheet, the different cutting methods can be used.

Highly alloyed metals can be cut up to 100 mm of thickness. The stainless steel is treated with nitrogen if the thickness of the sheet is up to 20 mm and air or nitrogen-oxygen is used for the sheets up to 50 mm.

Please note that support table and coordinate machine are independent elements, so if the piecework can be dropped, the CNC system won’t be damaged. Otherwise, the repair expenses would be significant. That’s one of the advantage of our equipment.

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