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Our equipment is reliable, light and convenient to use.
Our equipment is produced based on the IGBT technology and designed to be intensively used.
Our customers get the full technical support including warranty/guarantee services.
Our equipment has high efficiency, low energy consumption, mobility, excellent dynamic characteristics and meets various cutting requirements
Our equipment has removable dust filters preventing the dust and metal particles from getting inside the equipment.
The warranty period is 24 months from the day of sale.

Specifics of plasma cutting technology

Plasma cutting technology was developed in the second part of the XX century. It is different from other existing technologies: plasma cutting does not require any additional equipment, as the metal cutting occurs by the plasma flow.

The operating process is as follows: an electric arc gets formed in the space between the nozzle and the metal. Simultaneously, plasma-forming gas is supplied, the high temperature and pressure transform it into a stream with a temperature of several thousand degrees (depends on the type of metal).

The max thickness of the metal can be up to 200mm, the plasma temperature can be 5000 -30 000 degrees. The gas used for cutting can be either active gas (oxygen) or inactive gas.

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