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Plasma cutting equipment


What is plasma cutting technology? Where can you purchase that equipment?

For those who treat the metal sheets on a regular base, plasma cutting equipment can be very beneficial. The price depends on its functionality, size and components. The small enterprise can be equipped with mobile machines that are affordable and being used properly can save some money.

Plasma cutting is used for aircraft and mechanical engineering, as well as for public utilities. Plasma cutting technology solves a small scale tasks. The oxy-fuel and plasma cutting equipment made in Russia has low power consumption and high efficiency. Various models are widely used in engineering, construction and other areas of production.

All the plasma cutting equipment despite its differences in design is based on plasma torch connected to the power source and air compressor. The plasma torch consists of cathode, nozzle and diffusor.

During the plasma cutting process, metal is being melted and blown away from the cutting zone by the plasma flow. The metal is melted by an electric arc, which burns between the cathodes. Gas under pressure passes through the arc, resulting in the separation of molecules and the ionization of atoms, which leads to the formation of a plasma. The speed of plasma flow reaches several meters per second, and the temperature increases up to 30 thousand degrees. The conductivity of the plasma is similar to the characteristics of the metal being processed. The elements of the metal are blown away under the influence of the plasma flow. The nozzle is very hot, so it is necessary to supply the cooling gas or liquid to the working area.

Different gases can be used for that purposes, but compressed air is the most often used.

Where the metal cutting equipment can be purchased?

We offer a wide range of affordable CNC-guided plasma cutting equipment. Being the manufacturer, SIBIR can offer the best delivery conditions, warranty and after warranty service.

All the spare parts and consumables can be ordered at our factory. Please check our catalogue and feel free to contact our sales people.

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