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Advantages of CNC plasma cutting machines

CNC plasma cutting machines are the most convenient ways to cut the metal sheets. They can cut up to 200mm thick metal parts with high accuracy and speed. The regular shaped parts of 100mm thickness are the simple task for CNC plasma cutting machines.

CNC coordinate machine: how to choose and where to buy?

CNC coordinate machine solves a wide range of cutting issues. Due the automation of the process, you can achieve a large output volume of the finished goods and high quality of cut edges, accuracy and speed.

Plasma cutting: technology and flow chart

Plasma cutting is a method of cutting the metal by plasma stream. This method allows cutting any metal that has electrical conductivity. Comparing to other cutting methods, plasma cutting allows treating the metal faster, better, without enormous gas cylinders, and special additive.

Technology of plasma arc cutting

Plasma-arc cutting is performed by an electric arc, most often direct current, and plasma stream. Under the influence of these factors, the metal melts and then gets blown out. In this way, it is possible to cut metal sheets and slabs into desired parts with high accuracy.

Plasma cutting torch

There is a high demand for cutting metal, therefore engineers have developed a lot of models of plasma cutting machines and more compact equipment that allows cutting even in small facilities. All the equipment have a similar structure and the same operating principle.

Gantry plasma cutting machine

The gantry plasma cutting machine is one of the best equipment set excluding the weaknesses of handheld and console equipment such as low accuracy and vibrations. However, the gantry cutting machine is considered as high-performing equipment for industrial use

Specifics of low cost CNC plasma cutting machines

Low cost CNC plasma cutting machine is the same complex machine as the regular plasma cutting machine but its functionalities are limited. However, it significantly decreases the price. Our company is a manufacturer of the cutting machines, so you will never have any service or integration issues.

Plasma cutting technology, CNC plasma machines and additional equipment

Now more and more manufacturers and construction companies are establishing plasma cutting facilities. The plasma cutting allows cutting the metal sheets faster and better, and facilitating the operational process

Specifics of plasma cutting equipment with compressor

Plasma cutting equipment with compressor is one of the variations of the plasma cutting equipment set. In that architecture the supply of gas for the formation of plasma stream is forced by the compressor. The supply of gas can be also from a cylinder or main line, but this approach does not give high performance and stability, especially in the situation with cylinders, because the gas flow is very high.

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