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Nowadays plasma cutting torch is widely used in various sectors: machine building, production and repair of vehicles, fabrication of metal structures. Plasma cutting torch popularity is gained due its reliability, cut accuracy and productivity. Moreover, its price is not high, the investments in the torch quickly pays off at enterprises of various scale.

In comparison with oxy-fuel cutting, handheld plasma torch provides more productivity and makes the operations more precise, so less material is used. That’s extremely important in the current economic conditions when the enterprises struggle cutting their expenses.

The modern plasma torches have efficient construction. Unlike the previous generation of plasma torches, the modern ones don’t require to use a special gas to form plasma flow. Coming from the nozzle under pressure, air passes through an arc, ignited between the electrode and the part being cut. The gas gets ionized and heated to extremely high temperatures. The use of air for an inverter plasma torch became possible after the development of hafnium and zirconium electrodes that are resistant to an oxygen-containing environment.

Types of inverter plasma torches:

These torches can be of two types: air cooling and fluid cooling. The first type is for manual and mechanical cutting. It is used at current strength from 70 to 150 A. Thus, the compressed air in these devices performs two functions - the formation of a plasma jet and cooling. This type torch can be used in metal cutting operations for single and small-scale production of metal structures. A portable plasma torch can be used for construction work even far away from the city.

The main advantages of this type of plasma torch:

− no additional components for cooling the torch;

− high quality of cut;

− good work safety.

You can purchase a plasma torch from us at a very competitive price.

There is a lot of options of plasma torches on the market. The price depends on the following:

1. Capacity. There are mini plasma torches with capacity of 4 Kw mainly for individual usage.

2. Operating voltage. For individual usage the operating voltage is 220V. For the industrial usage the operating voltage should be 380V.

3. The thickness of the cutting metal. It’s indicated the thickness of the finished cut that does not require an additional subsequent surface treatment and the separation cut, when the two metal parts are separated from each other.

4. Operating mode. The price of the torch depend on how much time it can be used without a break.

The plasma torch requires the consumables (diffusers, electrodes, etc). The mentioned price doesn’t include those consumables.

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