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Advantages of CNC plasma cutting machines

CNC plasma cutting machines are the most convenient ways to cut the metal sheets. They can cut up to 200mm thick metal parts with high accuracy and speed. The regular shaped parts of 100mm thickness are the simple task for CNC plasma cutting machines.

Various modules can be added to our machines. Control cabinet is one of the main elements of the CNC plasma cutting machine. It includes engine control, power electronics and computer control system of the entire machine. The price increases along with the rise of accuracy and speed. After the system starts, all the movements are automated.

If the movements are made by means of rigid guides, then such construction becomes more reliable and rigid. However, the more complex and powerful the driving components, the more expensive will be the machine. If we don’t use rigid guides, then the accuracy will decline but the machine becomes smaller and consequently cheaper. Those models are called cutting console.

All elements are fixed to the frame. The frame construction with the guides provides a minimum of three degrees of freedom for the cutting equipment. The layout can be of several types. In the first case, gas-plasma machines are equipped with a remote frame (consoles). Since part of the node is hung out, increased vibrations during its operation characterize this architecture. A closed loop system significantly increases rigidity and accuracy, but the machines are huge and better suited for large enterprises.

The machine requires gas, in particular, oxygen and propane, to burn and heat up to a temperature sufficient for ignition. Then, the flow of oxygen acidulates the metal, and blows it out of the cutting surface. 

The price for the plasma cutting machine depends on the following:

 • the dimensions of the operating area. 

 • number of cutting calipers. 

 • height controller of Z-axis. 

 • type of the table for the equipment.

Our company provides a high quality equipment for the competitive price by offering the light sets of the equipment and perfect integration of the cutter and the machine.

To avoid contamination and premature failure of important controls and power units, they are mounted in special carriages. Since dust and byproducts are not treated, mechanical loads are reduced, as a result, the components of the system work much longer.

We offer different equipment sets for various tasks - from console solutions to gantry cutting machines. Such machines are the best suitable for small production facilities. There are console machines using the guides with 2 attachment points to the axis. Those consoles don’t provide much rigidity and accuracy but they are compact and productive. The gantry cutting machines are reliable and accurate but pretty expensive, that’s why they suit for the large scale production.

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